Wood Countertops

The Many Advantages of Wood Kitchen Countertops

Take a look at any of the home décor shows on TV these days and see how often wooden kitchen countertops show up.  We think you’ll be surprised at how popular these wooden counters are. Our wide variety of wood counters are available at your closest Home Depot store and at many other outlets across the country.  Check us out at and see the full range of our products. You can also spot a location near you where you can see, touch, feel and purchase our fine range of wood kitchen countertops.

And while almost everyone would admit that wooden countertops are attractive they have other redeeming features as well.  Some that will surprise you. Here are several reasons why we think you should consider a wood counter top for a kitchen:

  • They’re surprisingly inexpensive when compared to granite or other such surfaces

  • Wood countertops are easy to install and maintain

  • They’re attractive and versatile, and available in many grains and colors

  • Wood is easier on your dainty wine glasses and other valued kitchen ware

  • Hardwood counters are durable and repairable if damaged

  • Wood is sanitary both through sealing and many woods naturally deal with bacteria

  • They offer edge, face or end grains for different effects and service qualities

  • Cookie sheets and hot pans are likely not going to burn your countertops

  • Wood kitchen countertops are available in many places locally

  • You can cut and chop on a wood kitchen countertop  

As you can see there are numerous advantages to using wood for a kitchen countertop.  But be aware that common sense is appropriate when you use these attractive natural surfaces as they do require some preparation and maintenance, may scratch, and can be burned if you’re careless.  But the pros outnumber the cons if you’re considering new wood kitchen countertops for your home.

There are Many Models and Sizes of Wood Countertops in Canada

When it comes to wood kitchen countertops you can view our wide selection online at  But many of our customers want to see for themselves and feel the texture of these countertops. A great place to look at our product is to visit your local Home Depot.  With 182 stores in Canada and over 2200 across North America, you can find one not too far from your home that features our high quality Interbuild ‘real wood’ products.  We offer an even more extensive range of real wood products at Home Depot online.

Interbuild are reputable manufacturers of fine wood products and are Canada’s leader in real wood counter tops, food preparation stations, island tops, kitchen shelving and heavy cutting boards. We’re proud of our reputation for offering some of the best kitchen countertops available in the marketplace.  For many years our satisfied customers have come to count on us for finely engineered wood products that they’re proud to have in their homes. They have also come to know us for our first rate responsive service and on-time delivery. If you have any questions about our products you can get in touch at or 1-647-824-5668.

Acacia Kitchen Countertops are Ideal for Your New or Remodeled Kitchen

While these counters come in a variety of woods you might want to consider an acacia kitchen countertop that are popular these days with builders and home renovators. Perhaps not the best known wood in this neck of the woods, acacia is valued for its hardness or durability, its water resistant nature and the fact that it is naturally anti-bacterial. Acacia kitchen countertops are versatile and can work with a variety of kitchen designs including Traditional, Country, Modern or Mediterranean styles.  You can stain acacia in a variety of fashions to complement the tone or style you are attempting to create in your kitchen. This wood is heavy and dense, just like oak or teak so it’s an ideal product for a kitchen that encounters regular heavy use and moisture.

We feature five different finishes for our wood products: light oak, espresso, brown, golden teak and unfinished live edge.  We have a finish or color to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Depending on your needs we have a size and shape to look after your requirements.  From a smaller cutting board at 12”x 16” x 1.5” up to a large 74” x 40” x 1.5” beautiful wooden island top we offer a full range of sizes and can also do custom work to meet your specific building or renovation requirements.

With a full range of attractive finishes and a wide variety of sizes in kitchen islands and countertops we know that we have the ideal wood kitchen countertop for your home.

Everyone is shopping on line these days so why not take a trip to our website and have a look at the extensive range of real wood products we offer. Go to You’ll be amazed at the stunning selection of beautiful counters we display there.  You can order online or make a trip to your local Home Depot and have a closer look at the Interbuild wood products we have on display there. Let us help you get started on that kitchen renovation that you’ve been dreaming about for some time.  We know you’ll be happy with our real wood counters.