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1. What is the warranty?

Each Interbuild solid wood finger jointed wood panel is manufactured from selected material and is subject to stringent quality control procedures. The company cannot be held responsible for their further maintenance and installation which is dependent upon the standard of work of individual contractors and the end user. No warranty is granted on fitted tops, mitred joints, or where there is lack of expansion or heat evaporating gaps. True factory faults are delamination of glue joints, which should not occur. Other potential faults discovered at a later stage after assembling and installation, such as cracked wood, bowing wood, or deformed wood of any kind, appears due to that advices on installation and maintenance according to this leaflet has not been followed. 

2. Is there a top and bottom to the countertop?

Yes, there is a top with a deep hard wax oil stain finish because several coats are applied to penetrate deeper into the wood grain. The bottom of the countertop is always a lighter finish. 

3. How do you join two countertops panels together? 

Acacia countertops can be joined together in several ways.

Zip bolts or toggle bolts can be used according to the image and video link below.

Zip Bolts/ Toggle Bolts

Biscuits with wood glue can be used or a combination of biscuit and hardware will also work.

Biscuit attachment

Or a combination of biscuits and hardware can be used.

Also, it is good practice to glue the panels together using a mixture of carpenter’s glue and acacia sawdust which helps finish the seam, which can be sanded flat once the joint has dried. 

4. What touch up stains can be used to finish edges and cut-outs?

Interbuild has its own line of hard wax oil stain finishes that match the stain finish that you purchased. These include Golden Teak, Espresso, Brown, Light Oak & Organic White. 

However, Home Depot offers matching stains and natural oil finishes according to the information listed below: 

5. Staining & Sealing Acacia Wood Countertops

Sealing Acacia Wood Countertops & Island Tops According to the Installation, Care & Maintenance Instructions provided with each article, the Acacia Wood Countertops & Island Tops have to be sealed before final installation.


If there are no cut-outs or end-cuts, apply two coats of the food-safe Interbuild Hardwax Clear Oil Finish to seal the countertop on all six sides.


Staining & Sealing Acacia Wood Countertops & Island Tops


If there are cut-outs or end-cuts required to the countertops & island tops prior to final installation, the exposed wood can be stained to match the four finishes available: espresso, golden teak, brown and light oak.


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