Wood Island Tops

Superb Island Tops for Your Kitchen.

Island countertops can be a visually stunning addition to any kitchen.  Forget the coldness of stainless steel. Say good bye to the hard noisy stones such as granite, marble, and quartz. Embrace the beauty of the wood island tops that are enjoying a real revival in the realm of home renovations and home decorating.   Watch any number of the ‘home shows’ and keep your eye peeled for kitchen islands. We think you’ll be surprised by the number of times that an attractive and dramatic butcher clock island top shows up.

These island countertops are constructed from pieces of various hardwoods that are ideal for a kitchen counter.  Laminated together with the best glues for strength, durability and stability they provide a warm, organic landing surface for your kitchen.  A surface that is attractive, comfortably forgiving, easy on dishes and fragile glassware and able to absorb some of the noises of a busy household.

Wood island tops are also forgiving.  They can be repaired if scratched, stained, burnt or dinged.  With a few skills, the proper tools, a bit of sandpaper and appropriate stain you, or a woodworking professional, can rejuvenate your aging or damaged counter top.

What Type of Woods are Good for a Kitchen Island?

Wooden counter tops have become popular and some people enjoy them just for their looks, for their budget friendly costs and their handsome appearance.  Some of the softer woods are remarkable of their appearance but really are not suitable for long term serious use as chopping blocks or for regular food preparation surfaces.   They just won’t stand up to those rigorous demands.

But there are some woods that are ideal for heavy duty regular use in the kitchen as food preparation surfaces.  Oak is dense and attractive. Subtly or dramatically grained maple is ideal. Teak, black walnut and cherry also provide solid attractive and long lasting surfaces. At Interbuild real woods we have created a lot of happy customers offering them acacia island tops. It’s without any hesitation that we heartily recommend this dense and attractive wood for your new kitchen island.

Acacia grows in such places as Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Hawaii.  It’s a fast growing tree so sustainability is not an issue. As dense and durable as oak, bamboo and teak acacia comes with natural oils that make it water resistant and anti-bacterial.

What are the Advantages of a Wood Island Top?

Some folks are reluctant to consider a wood butcher block island or acacia island top as they are more familiar with granite, Formica, marble or quartz.  But some of the positive aspects of a wooden kitchen island are:

  • They’re easy to install.   DIYers can work with these wooden tops to install and make adjustments quite easily.

  • They can be stained in a color that enhances the appearance of your kitchen. At Interbuild real woods we offer 5 different finishes including light oak, espresso, golden teak, brown and unfinished live edge.

  • Wood counters can be budget friendly when compared with the stone products on the market which can be more than twice the price of wood.

  • Wood island tops are strong and soft. Unlike granite or marble, these tops are less noisy and easier on your good glasses or favorite dinnerware which is less likely to break with a wood top.

  • They can be refinished if they become scratched, gouged or suffer a burn.  Gouges or knife marks can be sanded out and then the surface refinished.

  • Acacia wood island countertops are ‘green’.  That is, these woods most often come from sustainably managed forest plots.

But we must also note that there are a few concerns with wooden butcher block island tops. They do require some minimal maintenance and care.  They are not fireproof but basic care can protect your island tops from burn marks from hot pots. Some liquids might stain your island countertop but a watchful eye and common sense will prevent such problems.

Wooden Countertops are Readily Available and Come in a Wide Variety of Sizes

Interbuild real wood island tops are available right across Canada.  We have our products in each of the 182 home Depot stores in the country.  When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen and installing a wood kitchen island or butcher block island top a good place to start your search is on our website at  Have a good look at the variety of styles and sizes online and then head for your nearest Home Depot to touch and see the fine wooden tops available there. If the style or size you’re after is not in the store you can easily order it online.


With our range of colors and sizes we know that there will be one that will be the perfect fit for your kitchen reno.   We know we’ll offer one to suit your needs. From a smaller cutting board at 12”x 16” x 1.5” up to a large 74” x 40” x 1.5” beautiful wooden island top we offer a full range of sizes.   The style and final appearance is also determined by whether you select an edge grain, an end grain or face grain. Have a look at the options and talk to the sales person for further information on these possible construction styles. We can also do custom work to meet your specific renovation or building requirements.    

We’re proud of our reputation for on time delivery and quality service.  If you have a question or concern about our products or installation get in touch with our experienced service reps at