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Make your kitchen Stunning with Interbuild. We are America’s leader in real wood kitchen countertops, island tops, food prep stations and heavy cutting boards. Our products are in every Home Depot across USA and we have even more products available through Home Depot online. This website easily empowers you to find our products at your nearest Home Depot and pick it up or order it delivered to your home.

Acacia Wood Kitchen Countertops for Durability, Beauty, and Price

Formica and granite bathroom and kitchen counters have been popular over the last few decades. There’s good reason for that. They’re durable, waterproof and can be attractive but can be expensive and noisy. But if you look around you’ll discover that there’s a new exciting product on the market that’s becoming more and more popular with the better homebuilders, top end renovators and DIYers alike. Acacia real wood kitchen countertops are showing up more frequently in new homes and renos these days. Sometimes called butcher block counters, these real wood kitchen countertops are attractive, durable, water resistant and affordable. Acacia countertops can add that certain zing to your kitchen design and offer a reliable, safe and healthy working surface in one of the most used rooms in your home.

Because of our reputation for excellent service and the quality of our product, the professional team at Interbuild real wood is the official supplier of acacia kitchen countertops to many Home Depot outlets in the United States of America.

What are the Qualities of Acacia Real Wood Countertops?

Acacia hardwood comes from fast-growing trees in Vietnam, Australia, and other Asian countries. Much of this tough but attractive wood is grown and harvested in a sustainable fashion under the guidance of the Forest Stewardship Council. Long term sustainability of this unique product that goes into our wood kitchen countertops is the aim of this program. It may be surprising to learn that this flowering tree that goes into our acacia countertops is a member of the pea family.

As a wood, acacia is extremely dense, strong, hard and moisture resistant. It is about the same density as the teak wood tree that has an excellent reputation for its use in durable furniture and sailboats. While not quite as dense as the lumber from the white oak tree acacia wood is head and shoulders above the durability offered by the radiata pine.

The woods we use in our laminated Interbuild wood kitchen countertops are easily compared to some of the hardest, densest and most durable woods we know. In fact, as well as acacia countertops this attractive and affordable wood is used for both indoor and outdoor furniture because of these important qualities. Dramatic wood grains and overall appearance add to their suitability for countertops and furniture.

Acacia has very good wood-working properties that allow us to create unique, interesting, attractive, and durable bathroom and kitchen counters for your home. This fine wood has inherent oils, the same as teak, that make it suitable for use in damp conditions such as you’ll find in your kitchen. It is also employed quite frequently in decking and deck tiles worldwide as it is naturally water-resistant and long-lasting.

Hard Wood Kitchen Countertops Have Many Fine Qualities.

Let’s look at the advantages of installing acacia kitchen countertops in your home.

  • Solid wood kitchen countertops from Interbuild are attractive and come in various colours to match or highlight your décor. You’ll be pleased with the various colors we offer… espresso, light oak, golden teak and brown.
  • Acacia counters can be ordered in a variety of fashions in order to give your kitchen a customized appearance. Our product fits in nicely with many styles including Traditional, Mediterranean, Modern, and Country. Have a look at our products online at You’ll be surprised at the many styles and colors available.
  • We can accommodate your wood kitchen countertop needs in a variety of sizes that range from 72” by 25.5” at 1” thick to 96” by 25.5” and 2’ thick. Because of the nature of acacia wood and the quality of our construction, you’ll find that our acacia countertops are solid and stable. If you’re thinking of coffee tables, you’ll be pleased to know that Live Edge styling is available in various sizes to suit your specific needs.
  • Acacia wood kitchen countertops are approved and safe for food preparation.
  • Our acacia kitchen countertops provide a comfortable work surface. Treated properly, and easily cared for, they are water resistant and will provide you with many years of attractive and reliable service.

Stunning Kitchen Countertops for Your Home

Are you presently working with your builder in the creation of your new home or just doing that long overdue Reno of your kitchen? If that’s where you are in your building plans then give some serious thought to an upgrade to your kitchen surfaces at a reasonable cost by using Interbuild’s acacia counters or island tops. The results will be stunning. They’ll provide a design focus for that space in your home where you spend a great deal of your time. Stainless steel, granite, Formica and marble may have had their day as the go-to products for kitchen counters in the past. With Interbuild products available right across Canada and now in many Home Depot stores in the USA you have ready access to one of the finest countertop materials on the market.

With our reliable and cost-effective acacia wood products Interbuild will help you add a touch of beauty to your home and give you a working surface that will be in style and last for years. To see our full range of products check out our website at or get in touch at or 647-824-5668. Our professional team will be glad to direct you to a store close to you that handles a range of our fine products.

View/Download Our Products PDF