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Make your kitchen Stunning with Interbuild. We are Canada’s leader in real wood kitchen countertops, island tops, food prep stations and heavy cutting boards. Our products are in every Home Depot across Canada and we have even more products available through Home Depot online. This website easily empowers you to find our products at your nearest Home Depot and pick it up or order it delivered to your home.

Where to Purchase Wood Kitchen Countertops

Acacia Hardwood Counters for Beauty, Durability and Cost

For the last number of years kitchen and bathroom counters made of granite have been all the rage. And justly so. While not inexpensive, they are attractive and long lasting. The many unique patterns available in this hard, cold product can add a certain zing to your room. But we've noticed recently that many renovators and builders are looking to acacia hardwood counters as significant design features in the homes they’re building or renovating. Wood is more forgiving and easier to work with than granite. And the range of colours and grains you’ll find in wood are equivalent to the variety of granite patterns you can find. And you’ll be pleased and surprised with the attractive pricing. So, let’s consider an acacia hardwood counter for your kitchen.

First of all, let's look at the strengths of acacia hardwood kitchen countertops:

  • Hardwood counters are popular in new builds and renovations as acacia hardwood is easy to work with
  • They are attractive, with a natural beauty, and interesting grains that enhance a kitchen or bathroom. Acacia countertops are also very low maintenance.
  • Acacia hard wood kitchen countertops add a warmth unmatched by any other material.
  • These countertops can be stained in a variety of fashions to give your kitchen a customized appearance.
  • Acacia hardwood works with all design styles, Mediterranean, Traditional, Modern, Country and many other styles of decor as well.
  • In this day of environmental interests, your wood kitchen countertops can even be re-purposed.
  • Hardwood counters provide a good work surface. Treated properly, and cared for, they are water proof and will provide many years of service.
  • Acacia hardwood kitchen countertops are safe for food preparation and approved for contact with any foodstuffs.

What Do We Know About Acacia Hardwood?

Acacia hardwood comes from trees that grow in Australia, Vietnam and other Asian destinations. For the most part, this tough but attractive wood is grown and harvested in a sustainable manner under the watchful eye of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). They want to have healthy and abundant trees in the years to come to support the lumbering industry. Surprisingly enough, this flowering tree is part of the pea family.

As a wood it’s extremely heavy, hard, strong and tough. It has a density of 600 kg/m3. For comparison’s sake, the teak wood tree has a density of 655 kg/m3 while the white oak tree has a density of 755 kg/m3. The radiata pine is considerably less heavy or durable, and has a density of just 515 kg/m3. You can see from this data that acacia hardwood is right up there with some of the hardest, densest woods we know. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture. And of course it’s a great product for hard wood kitchen countertops where durability and toughness are important qualities.

Acacia hardwood has inherent oils, very much the same as teak does. These natural oils make it very suitable for use in wet conditions such as you’ll find in any kitchen or bathroom. Add some stain and a surface treatment and you'll find that you have an attractive wooden kitchen countertop with outstanding water and weather resistant properties. Glued together with the appropriate adhesives it forms a solid unit that will provide reliable and attractive service for many years to come. Variations in sunlight, soil PH and rainfall create gentle swirls and colours.

So Let's Talk About YOUR Kitchen Countertop.

We’re proud of our reputation for offering some of the best acacia hardwood kitchen countertops in the marketplace. Over the years our customers have come to count on us for finely engineered products that they're excited to have in their homes. They also know that they can rely on us for first class service and on-time delivery.

When it comes to countertops for your kitchen you have a number of sizes to select from. The sizes range anywhere from 72 inches by 25.5 inches by one to two inches thick to 96 inches by 25.5 inches with a thickness of one to two inches. You'll be pleased to know that Live Edge styling is also available to add that special extra touch in your decor. We are pleased to offer a stunning selection of colours including: Espresso, Brown, Light Oak, and Golden Teak. The natural warmth of the wood shines and softens a kitchen. Select the size that best suits your purpose and the colour finish that will bring a new life to your kitchen.

Here’s what some of our customers say about our products.

Meagan reports this about her new hardwood countertop: “I’m literally obsessed with this. I knew I would like it but when it came in…Ohhhh…I love it. It’s the perfect colour and tone and adds such an amazing zing to my rustic kitchen and at a reasonable cost. 100% worth every penny.”
Tyler has this to say about his new counter: “Amazing quality, and way nicer than I expected.”
Another customer comments: “Let me start by saying I am very happy with this beautiful piece of wood. You might find a better piece in a specialty shop, but not for this price.”

If you have questions or wonder about more of our product lines give us a call at 647.457.6011. You can also drop us a note at We think you’ll see that acacia wood is the ideal product for your new or remodelled kitchen counter.

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