Open Kitchen Shelving is a Hot Design Trend

Interbuild's acacia shelves will make your kitchen look stunning, especially when combined with Interbuild's matching acacia kitchen countertops. Open cupboards are now a thing, but only when you use stunning hardwoods like Interbuild's.


Most of us care deeply about the homes we live in and want to be contemporary and yet traditional in our decorating.  Design trends shift on a regular basis but there are some that have been around for many decades and are likely to remain in vogue.  Recently we’ve noticed the best home decorating magazines, blogs, and online home improvement sites have been featuring open kitchen shelving. That old standby for storage in your kitchen, the kitchen shelf has gone through many iterations over the years but a trend that seems here to stay is open kitchen shelving.

Take a look at some of the photos in our gallery.  We think you’ll agree that open kitchen shelving and floating wood shelves can provide a stunning appearance in your kitchen.  Our attractive and durable acacia wood shelving can be used to create various overall impressions or effects.  From a rustic and authentic farmhouse look to simple yet elegant style, open kitchen shelving can provide an amazing feature in your food galley.  It’s one design feature that will catch the eye of any visitor to your home as soon as they walk into your kitchen. Want to have a sense for what this shelf idea might look like?  Imagine your present kitchen with the doors off the cupboards. You’ll have some idea of the possibilities with this very modern kitchen shelf rendering.

Looking for a Nifty Shelving Idea?  Consider Open Kitchen Shelving. 

Every once in a while it comes time for some updating or remodeling of that room in your home where you spend plenty of time socializing and preparing meals for your family. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen we encourage you to consider one of the most popular shelving ideas in the marketplace…open kitchen shelving.

At, we feature attractive acacia wood shelving that transforms the basic kitchen shelf into a design feature for your home. You may not be familiar with some of the characteristics of acacia wood that make it an ideal product for a kitchen shelf. 

Acacia wood is an attractive hardwood that is extremely dense and durable.  It’s in the same class as teak and white oak. Acacia wood shares their characteristics of strength and durability with an interesting grain when finished. This wood is plantation grown under the watchful eye of the Forest Stewardship Council’s regulations in order to ensure sustainability and accepted forestry practices.  Acacia wood grows in warm and tropical regions such as Asia and Australia.  Much of our high-quality acacia wood comes from Vietnam.

Acacia wood is the ideal material for a kitchen shelf. It’s an excellent match for the beautiful acacia countertops and island tops that are now available at Home Depot. 

Open Kitchen Shelving: Attractive, Durable & Cost-Effective Kitchen Shelf

What are some of the features of our acacia wood open kitchen shelving that make it a contemporary, popular, and attractive option for your home?  With these open shelves, a vintage style blends comfortably with a modern or contemporary design feature that can contribute to a positive overall impression of your kitchen.

  •          Our acacia wood shelving has excellent woodworking properties.  It’s easy to work with and has a beautiful water and stain resistant natural quality.
  •          With many of the characteristics of the more expensive teak, it has inherent natural oils and is very suitable for damp conditions such as you might find in a kitchen.  In fact, acacia is the most used hardwood for wet environments including kitchen countertops, outdoor furniture and deck tiles.
  •          Open kitchen shelving looks brighter and more open than cupboards.  It creates a sense of greater space in your kitchen. This is especially the case in a small kitchen area.
  •          Available in Espresso and Golden colors this wood shelving creates a warm and welcoming feeling in your kitchen where your family and guests can feel comfortable and right at home. 
  •          Open shelving configurations give you more storage options.  Things do not get lost in the back corner of a cupboard.  Every object or dinnerware is available for you to see.
  •          Price replacement cupboards for your kitchen update.  Then look at the cost of installing open kitchen shelving. You’ll be shocked, and pleased, at how much money you’ll save with the open kitchen shelf approach.
  •          With open shelve design, you can display your stylish dishware and bowls for all to see.
  •          Open kitchen shelving gives you ready access to your dishes and containers and makes things easier to organize.  And wiping down your kitchen shelves is as easy as one, two, three.

We Offer a Wood Shelving Size for Every Shelving Need

With our two rich colors available, Espresso and Golden, we know you’ll find that one of these colors compliments the rest of your kitchen and adds that special touch. We offer various standard sizes of acacia kitchen shelf that work for virtually any open kitchen shelving project. 

Our shelves are available for order online at, can be purchased in 12”, 16” or 20” widths.  You have a number of lengths available in our beautiful acacia wood shelving. It comes finished and completely ready to install in 36”, 48” 60” 72” and 96” lengths.  The thickness is .75”. 

You can install a series of same length shelves, or alternate, or mix and match in order to create the effect that you’re after.  By spacing them at different heights you can accommodate dishware or pottery vessels of different dimensions and feature some of your more attractive or dramatic pieces.  And remember, this kitchen shelving goes well with the acacia countertops and island tops available at Home Depot.

Take a look at our photo gallery! You’ll be amazed at the broad range of attractive possibilities for installing your new kitchen shelving.  So when it’s time to rethink and remodel your kitchen you need to consider installing open kitchen shelving. It’s attractive.  It’s contemporary. It’s durable.  It’s easy to install.   It’s practical. It’s cost-effective.  We’d love to hear from you with your questions or comments and help you get started on remodeling your kitchen.  Get in touch with Dave at 647.457.6011 or